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Animals as Therapy

Interaction with our team of charming creatures brings with it many benefits. Whether tickly, scaly or fluffy the effects are unquestionably therapeutic. Arrange a visit for your group, care home or school and see how our animals can make a difference.
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Animal Interventions

It's heart warming to see elderly residents become animated telling stories of pets they once had and the people they shared them with. We often visit care homes specialising in dementia care where, in the company of an animal, residents often start to interact, ask questions, smile, and show compassion and tenderness towards an animal that they have not shown to fellow human beings 
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There are many incredible benefits of interactions with animals, influencing not just our happiness but also our health. Our animals have visited people in care and nursing homes, hospices, disability groups and schools for children with learning difficulties, lighting up faces and lifting the moods of all who meet them.

Research shows that interaction with an animal can reduce anxiety and depression, decrease blood pressure and encourage relaxation.... (sigh).... no wonder it's hard to get any work done around here!  Interaction can be in the form of looking, or even just listening to the noises they make, or information we are telling - however tactile interaction, touching, stroking and holding our animals often has the most profound effects (and the animals love it too). We have seen first hand the effects that our animal friends have on children and adults alike who don't normally engage, find it difficult to communicate or need a boost of morale in long-term care.
Our visits to groups and schools for young people and adult with learning difficulties and disabilities are always rewarding. Our animal team provide sensory stimulation, boost confidence and aid relaxation. Parents, carers and teachers are amazed at the engagement with and reactions to our little critters. and see increased attention and eye contact (with both us and the animals), and calmer behaviour around the animals, it's clear how much fun is had by all. 
We also see the simple joy and happiness that spending time with an animal can bring to people in difficult times, which reminds us why we love our job so much!  Watching how a cuddle from one of our animal friends brightens up the day of children in the hospices that we visit and provides a companion for sufferers of illness that feel alone. 
Our animals visiting for therapy allows us to enhance many lives and if we can make someone feel a little happier, a little prouder, a little more confident or motivated to do something like ask a question, focus or interact, then our animal team have done us proud! 

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