Our Animals

Meet the gang...


A big hello from all our animals, the real stars of the show! (Don't tell them or we may be out of a job)

Please take a look and get to know our amazing animal team. Many of our animals love attention and are comfortable being around lots of people, despite many of them having been rescued and not having the best start to life. Others are a little less outgoing and only attend certain events, while some just live a life of luxury, staying at home as they are too shy to visit (or so they tell us!).


armadillo animal encounter meet exotics

Please feel free to request which members of our animal team you would like to visit and we will try our best to bring them, however, their welfare is the most important thing to us and we may bring a replacement if they have been busy, are under the weather, or just being divas!

The Furry Team

(Please note our meerkats and raccoon dogs do not come out on visits and cannot be requested)

skunk animal encounter meet


Our (not so smelly) North American Striped Skunk


Baby spike
Our African Pygmy Hedgehog, you may also meet Splodge

chinchilla animal encounter


Our Chinchilla from South America, you may also meet Scrabble or Pinto

armadillo holiday animal encounte meet exotics


Our (not so furry) Greater Haired Armadillo from South America

guinea pig

One of our Guinea Pigs, you may also meet Bitzy


Our beautiful giant Rabbit.

mouse animal encounter

One of our Fancy mice, you may also meet  Spotty or Dotty

polecat ferret

One of our Polecat Ferrets, you may also meet Sandy or Rizzo

We also have Mouse Like Hamsters who are a little sensitive but if you would like them to visit, ask us if they would be suitable for your booking.

The Scaly Team

leopard gecko animal encounter
leopard gecko animal encounter

Freckles and Polka Dot

Our Leopard Geckos, you may also meet Leo and Lionel

blue tongue skink animal encounter


Our Blue Tongued Skink from Australia

bearded dragon animal encounter

Our Bearded Dragon.

berber skink animal encounter


Our Berber Skink from Asia and Africa

gargoyle gecko animal encounter


Our Gargoyle Gecko from New Caledonia

crested gecko animal encounter


Our Crested Gecko from New Caledonia

king snake animal encounter


Our Arizona Mountain King Snake


Our (very old) Yellow Foot Tortoise from South America

yellow foot tortoise animal encounter


George's very special son

giant african spurred sulcata tortoise animal encounter

Our GIANT African Spur Tortoise, or Sulcata
(Summer months only)


Our Red Foot Tortoise, you could also meet Egor our Elongated Tortoises


Our Horsefeild Tortoise.

mossy frog animal encounter

The Slimy(ish) Team

whites tree frog animal encounter
tiger salamander animal encounter


Our Mississippi Map Turtle you may also meet Maggie.


Our North American Wood Turtle.


Our incredible Whites Treefrog.


Our Mossy Treefrogs from Vietnam.


Our Smiley Tiger Salamander

The Feathered Team

chicken animal encounter
barn owl animal encounter


Our friendly Call Duck


Our ultra friendly GIANT chicken, you could also meet Easter and Egg our other friendly chickens.


Our beautiful Barn Owl. Please ask to see if the owls are suitable for your booking (they have very sensitive hearing)

The Creepy Crawlie Team (Mini-Beasts)

millipede animal encounter


Our GIANT African Millipede, you may also meet Mildred or one of our other species of Millipede

stick insect animal encounter

Our Black Velvet Stick Insect from Peru.

giant african snails animal encounter


Our GIANT African Land Snail, you may also meet Sally or Simon

pachnoda fruit beetle animal encounter
cockroach animal encounter


Our GIANT Hissing Cockroach from Madagascar, his girlfriend Claire may visit too!

Our Pachnoda Fruit Beetle who has many friends that like to visit with her

prickles, twiggy & twiglet
Various species of stick insect

We also have Crickets, Locusts and Morio worms, and often have lots of different types of invertebrates so please ask if there is something specific that you would like to see at your booking and we can let you know if we have them available to visit

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