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Story Time

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If you are looking for an interactive and engaging experience for young children at your playgroup, school, children's centre or birthday party our  Story Time  adventures may be the perfect fit.


Developed for (Early Years) Foundation Stage children, our Sam's Safaris adventures take children on a fantasy journey as they act out the story, meeting animals that really do come to life with the turning of the pages!




Once upon a Story time....

You can choose between Sam's Camping, or Sam's Climbing Adventure which make learning fun in a world of imagination. As we move through the story book children are encouraged to interact by copying the actions, creating their own imaginary parts and handling each animal that they meet,

For the  Climbing Story you will get to meet:


  • Stick Insect

  • Giant Sanil

  • Snake

  • Chinchilla

  • & 2 animals of your choice

For the  Camping Story you will get to meet:


  • Stick Insect

  • Frog

  • Rabbit

  • Hedgehog

  • & 2 animals of your choice

The children will learn about where the animals come from, as well as their diet, behaviour and other interesting facts along the way so the Sam's Safari adventures are both fun and educational.


Each Story Time adventure lasts around 45 mins, depending upon the childrens' interaction and additional animals of your choice can be shown happily ever after at....... The End.


Look - Touch - Learn

Please feel free to contact us for more information, or to book

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